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Why Epoxy?

The benefits of a professionally installed Epoxy/Polyurethane floor:

  • A decorative epoxy floor will turn your boring concrete or tiles into something unique and increase the value of your home, shop, retail location, etc.
  • Protects and extends the life of your concrete.
  • Easy to clean and bacteria resistant.
  • Less dirt and dust debris tracked into your home or business.
  • Our industrial grade coating systems will resist chemicals, solvents and oils.
  • Waterproof.
  • All floor coating allows you to choose the right color for your space.

Why couldn’t i just apply it myself?

One of the most important aspects of epoxy flooring is concrete preparation. Here at apex we diamond grind all floors regardless, this requires a specialized machine and sufficient dust extraction to provide you with a clean and safe environment throughout the process. We also use the highest quality resins that are not available to the public as they require a qualified applicator to apply our products.

How durable is Epoxy?

Epoxy is around 9 times harder then concrete when fully cured. It is extremely durable and can be acid resistant, UV resistant and even fireproof if required.

How do i clean the floor?

Epoxy and Polyurethanes are extremely easy to keep clean which makes then hygienic and soft on the eyes. Generally warm soapy water with a mop will do the trick, for a deeper clean you can scrub with a broom if required.


Generally a 1 – 10 year warranty is given on all floors, depending on the application, we work very closely with our manufacturer’s to assure only the highest quality resins are applied to the most suitable substrates. Additional warranties can be discussed if required.